Cruzin Cooler Canada Inc. Currently Offering Limited Dealership Programs
We're proud to be in a position to offer ground breaking dealership opportunities across Canada. There will be a limited amount of applicants accepted. The reason
for limited dealerships is simply to prevent the overlapping of territories and ensure success to our active dealers. As a dealer you would have your own location(s)
the city you live in and surrounding towns. All sales from websites, word of mouth or any other channel will be directed to the respective dealers who own that
territory. As a dealer you are responsible for your own inventory and service repairs. Don't worry if you ever run out or get in a jam and can't deliver we'll assist to
ensure deliveries are met. We help you grow at whatever pace works for you. The cost of units and accessories will always be kept low for our dealers because
they have the opportunity to order with us. The higher the quantity the more all our dealers save. We work as a family and will accept nothing less than above
average team work. Customer and dealer satisfaction are number one in our eyes because we could not have one without the other.

You get..
1. Support every step of the way
2. Instant buying power
3. Your own website hosted and designed by our team if needed
4. Service back up
5. We train you how to handle any repairs you might face (easier than you think)
6. We will assist you on the techniques we use to promote
7. We can attend shows and events with you
8. We can supply you with business cards, flyers, pamphlets, shirts, hats whatever you need
9. The opportunity to be involved in something that is new and will spin heads
10. 100% coverage you will never be stuck with inventory

What's next?
When you're ready contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to answer all questions. I will tell you this, HURRY before the spots fill up. Don't let the
What If" haunt you. Simply Click Here to email us.
Twenty Units in any combination
One spare controller for each type of unit stocked
Eight spare rear tubes
Four spare front tubes
Eight rear Bearings
Four front bearings
Dealer Package 1
Dealer Package 2
Dealer Package 3
Ten Units in any combination
One spare controller for each type of unit stocked
Four spare rear tubes
Two spare front tubes
Four rear Bearings
Two front bearings
Custom Packages available CALL NOW
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